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Nov 16, 2017 Short gothic story,

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biography Leonardo DiCaprio is an award-winning actor and a three-time Academy Award nominee. DiCaprio#8217;s 5th collaboration with Director Martin Scorsese #8220;The Wolf of Wall Street#8221; is available on short story, Blu-ray DVD now. DiCaprio starred as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, directed by Baz Luhrmann. Auteur Cinema. Prior to The Great Gatsby, he starred in #8220;Django Unchained,#8221; where he received a Golden Globe nomination for his work. Story. As the of the Afterlife Essay title role in J. Edgar, under the direction of short story, Clint Eastwood, he received Golden Globe, Critics Choice and Egyptian of the Afterlife Essay Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award nominations for his work in gothic story, the film. Additionally, he starred in Christopher Nolans blockbuster Inception, and boxer terrier the dramatic thriller Shutter Island, which marked his fourth collaboration with director Martin Scorsese. DiCaprio earned an story, Oscar nomination in 2007 for Level Essay his performance in story, Edward Zwicks drama Blood Diamond, also receiving Golden Globe, Critics Choice and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award nominations for boxer terrier his work in the film. That same year, he garnered Golden Globe, BAFTA Award, Critics Choice Award and gothic SAG Award nominations for Understanding International Relations Level of Analysis Essay his role in the Oscar-winning Best Picture The Departed, directed by gothic story, Scorsese. He also shared in a SAG Award nomination for Outstanding Motion Picture Cast Performance as a member of the ensemble cast of Understanding Relations Through, The Departed. He previously earned an gothic story, Academy Award nomination for his performance in Scorseses acclaimed 2004 biopic The Aviator. DiCaprios portrayal of philosophy of education, Howard Hughes in short gothic, that film also brought him a Golden Globe Award for othello Best Actor in a Drama, as well as Critics Choice and BAFTA Award nominations.

He was also honored with two SAG Award nominations, one for Best Actor and another for Outstanding Motion Picture Cast Performance as part of the The Aviator cast. In addition to his acting work, DiCaprio launched his own production company, Appian Way. Under the Appian Way banner, he wrote, produced and short gothic narrated the auteur cinema acclaimed environmentally themed documentary The 11th Hour. Among Appian Ways other productions are the story aforementioned Shutter Island and i am not what The Aviator, as well as The Ides of gothic, March, Red Riding Hood, Orphan, Public Enemies and the soon to be released Out of the cultural example Furnace starring Christian Bale and story Woody Harrelson and Runner, Runner starring Justin Timberlake and christian philosophy of education Ben Affleck. Story. Born in Hollywood, California, DiCaprio started acting at the age of Egyptian View of the Essay, 14. His breakthrough feature film role came in Michael Caton-Jones 1993 screen adaptation of Tobias Wolffs autobiographical drama This Boys Life. That same year, he co-starred in Lasse Hallstroms Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, earning his first Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for short gothic his performance as a mentally handicapped young man. TV: Streaming Internet. In addition, he won the short gothic National Board of bishop world, Review Award for Best Supporting Actor and story the Los Angeles Film Critics Associations New Generation Award for his work in the film. Othello Not What. In 1995, DiCaprio had starring roles in three very different films, beginning with Sam Raimis Western, The Quick and short gothic the Dead. He also garnered praise for boxer terrier his performance as drug addict Jim Carroll in the harrowing drama The Basketball Diaries, and for short story his portrayal of An Alternative to Cable TV: Streaming Video Essay, disturbed pansexual poet Arthur Rimbaud in gothic story, Agnieszka Hollands Total Eclipse. The following year, DiCaprio starred in Baz Luhrmanns contemporary screen adaptation of William Shakespeares Romeo + Juliet, for which he won the Best Actor Award at Egyptian of the Essay the Berlin International Film Festival. He also joined an gothic story, all-star ensemble cast in Marvins Room, sharing in a SAG Award nomination for Outstanding Motion Picture Cast Performance. What issue do you care about the most? New documentary #8220;Before The Flood#8221; to air globally on NatGeo on October 30th.

Before the Level of Analysis Essay Flood presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes now occurring around the gothic world due to christian climate change, as well as the actions we as individuals and as a society can take to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet. Gothic Story. Leonardo calls for boxer terrier climate action at Mayors summit in gothic story, Paris. Othello Not What. Leonardo addresses Mayors and local leaders gathered in short story, Paris on the importance of An Alternative TV: Streaming Internet Essay, switching to renewable energy to tackle the climate crisis. Leonardo joins artists and gothic public leaders at the Global Citizen Festival. Othello Not What. Leonardo joins artists and gothic public figures from around the world to of education celebrate the short story adoption of the to Cable TV: Streaming UN Sustainable Development Goals at short the 2015 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, New York.

Leonardo Addresses the World Economic Forum in philosophy of education, Davos. Story. In January, Leonardo DiCaprio attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to receive the prestigious Crystal Award. The award is given to artists and An Alternative to Cable TV: Streaming cultural leaders who are helping to address the world#8217;s humanitarian and short story environmental challenges, including climate change. Leonardo calls for climate action at View Afterlife Essay Mayors summit in gothic, Paris. Leonardo addresses Mayors and local leaders gathered in boxer terrier, Paris on the importance of switching to short gothic story renewable energy to philosophy tackle the climate crisis. Leonardo DiCaprio honored with SAG Foundation#8217;s #8216;Actors Inspiration Award#8217; Leonardo DiCaprio received the nonprofit Screen Actors Guild Foundations single Actors Inspiration Award at the SAG Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration on gothic, Thursday, November 5th at Egyptian Afterlife Essay the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. Leonardo joins artists and public leaders at short story the Global Citizen Festival.

Leonardo joins artists and othello not what i am public figures from around the story world to celebrate the An Alternative TV: Streaming adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival in story, Central Park, New York. Leonardo and example LDF join more than 400 institutions pledging to divest from fossil fuels. Story. Leonardo and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation announced today they are joining over 400 institutions and 2,000 individuals participating in the pledge Divest-Invest pledge, along with governments and investors from 43 countries. 2nd Annual LDF Gala raises over $40 million. LDF held its annual fundraising gala in billy bishop world war 1, St. Short Gothic. Tropez raising more than $40 Million to protect Earths last wild places and implement solutions to preserve and of the Afterlife save the gothic environment. Leonardo#8217;s new film #8216;The Revenant#8217; set in Canadian wilderness. Leonardo DiCaprio will play the role of Hugh Glass in Understanding Relations Through Level of Analysis, upcoming film The Revenant, shot entirely with natural light in the remote wilderness of story, Canada.

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Short gothic story

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Nov 16, 2017 Short gothic story,

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okeanos essay In Greek mythology, the Titans were a primeval race of powerful deities, descendants of short story, Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Heaven), that ruled during the legendary Golden Age. They were immortal giants of incredible strength and stamina and auteur cinema, were also the first pantheon of Greco-Roman gods and goddesses. In the first generation of twelve Titans, the males were Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Cronus, Crius and Iapetus and the females - the Titanesses - were Mnemosyne, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea and Themis. The second generation of Titans consisted of gothic story, Hyperion's children Eos, Helios, and Selene; Coeus's daughters Leto and Asteria; Iapetus's sons Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius; Oceanus' daughter Metis; and Crius' sons Astraeus, Pallas, and Perses. The Titans later gave birth to other Titans, notably the children of Hyperion (Helios, Eos, and Selene), the daughters of Coeus (Leto and example, Asteria), and the sons of Iapetus - Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas, and Menoetius; all of short story, these descendants in the second generation are also known as Titans. The Titans were overthrown by a race of younger gods, the Olympians, in a ten-year war called the Titanomachy (War of the Titans) - a series of battles which were fought in Thessaly between the two camps of example, deities long before the existence of mankind.

This Titanomachia is also known as the short gothic, Battle of the Titans, Battle of Gods, or just The Titan War. It represented a mythological paradigm shift that the Greeks may have borrowed from the Ancient Near East. The 12 Titans gods, also known as the elder gods. Boxer Terrier! Their ruler was Cronus who was dethroned by his son Zeus. Most of the Titans fought with Cronus against Zeus and short story, were punished by being banished to Tartarus.

Greeks of the auteur cinema, Classical age knew of several poems about the war between the story, gods. The dominant one, and the only cultural example, one that has survived, was in the Theogony attributed to Hesiod. A lost epic Titanomachy attributed to the blind Thracian bard Thamyris, himself a legendary figure, was mentioned in passing in an essay On Music that was once attributed to gothic story Plutarch. And the Titans played a prominent role in the poems attributed to Orpheus. Although only scraps of the Orphic narratives survive, they show interesting differences with the Hesiodic tradition.

These Greek myths of the Titanomachy fall into a class of similar myths of analysis example, a War in Heaven throughout Europe and the Near East, where one generation or group of gods by and large opposes the dominant one. Sometimes the story, Elder Gods are supplanted. Sometimes the rebels lose, and boxer terrier, are either cast out of power entirely or incorporated into the pantheon. Gothic Story! Other examples might include the auteur cinema, wars of the Aesir with the Vanir and Jotuns in Scandinavian mythology, the Babylonian epic Enuma Elish, the short, Hittite Kingship in Heaven narrative, and the obscure generational conflict in Ugaritic fragments. The rebellion of Lucifer from Christianity could also fall under this category.

In Hesiod's Theogony the twelve Titans follow the Hundred-handers and Cyclopes as children of Ouranos, heaven, and Gaia, the Earth. Cultural! Ouranos considers Cronus monsterous, and so imprisons him in the bowels of the Earth. Cronus, aided by short gothic the Hundred-handers and Cyclopes, then sets upon his father, castrates him, and sets himself up as king of the othello i am not what, gods, with Rhea as his wife and queen. Rhea bears a new generation of gods to Cronus, but in story, fear that they will overthrow him, he swallows them all one by i am not what i am one. Only Zeus is saved: Rhea gives Cronus a stone in swaddling clothes in short story, his place, and places him in Crete to be guarded by the Kouretes. Once Zeus reaches adulthood, he subdues Cronus by force. Using a potion concocted with the help of Gaia, his grandmother, forcibly cause Cronus to vomit up Zeus's siblings. A war between the younger and many of older gods commences, in philosophy, which Zeus is aided by gothic the Hundred-handers, Gigantes, and View Essay, Cyclopes, who have once again been freed from Tartarus. Zeus wins after a long struggle, and casts many of the Titans down into Tartarus.

And yet the older gods leave their mark on the world. Some of them - like Mnemosyne, Gaia, Rhea, Hyperion, Themis and Metis - had not fought the short gothic, Olympians, and become key players in Egyptian Essay, the new administration. The Titans also leave behind a number of offspring, some of whom may also be counted as Titans, most notably the sons of Iapetus - Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas, and Menoetius. Many ancient sources follow Hesiod closely, with minor variations: Apollodorus adds Dione as a thirteenth Titan. Surviving fragments of gothic, Orphic poetry in particular preserve some variations on the myth.In one Orphic text, Zeus does not simply set upon auteur cinema, his father violently. Instead, Rhea spreads out a banquet for Cronus, so that he becomes drunk upon honey.

Zeus chains him and castrates him. Rather than being consigned to Tartarus, Cronus is dragged - still drunk - to gothic story the cave of Night, where he continues to dream and prophesy throughout eternity. By and large Neopagan views of Titans can be considered 'New Age'. Many of the ancient myths are often conveniently reinterpreted as metaphor or seen as man's account of the International Relations Level of Analysis Essay, divine. As such rather or not most modern beliefs regarding the Titans are grounded in actual mythology is often irrelevant to short many Neopagans of today. In the United States Hellenistic Neopagan sects often have a special place for the Titan gods of ancient Greece, in particular Gaia, Cronus, Hecate, Hyperion, Theia, and Themis. It is sometimes argued that most of the beliefs regarding these Titan gods are inspired by popular fiction and entertainment media and not by actual mythology. Oceanus or Okeanos refers to Understanding Relations Through Level of Analysis the ocean, which the Greeks and gothic story, Romans regarded as a river circling the world. Strictly speaking, it was the ocean-stream at boxer terrier, the Equator in which floated the short gothic story, habitable hemisphere In Greek mythology this world-ocean was personified as a Titan, a son of Uranus and Gaia. In ancient Greek beliefs this Titan is often depicted as having the upper body of a muscular man with a long beard and horns, and the lower torso of a serpent.

Oceanus' consort is Understanding International Relations Through Essay his sister Tethys, and from their union came the ocean nymphs, also known as the three-thousand Oceanids, and all the rivers of the world. Some scholars believe he originally represented all bodies of salt water, including the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the two largest bodies known to the ancient Greeks. However, as geography became more accurate, Oceanus came to represent the stranger, more unknown waters of the Atlantic Ocean (also called the Ocean Sea), while Poseidon ruled over the Mediterranean. In most variations of the gothic story, war between the auteur cinema, Titans and the Olympians (Titanomachy), Oceanus, along with Prometheus, and Themis, did not take the side of his fellow Titans against the Olympians, but instead withdrew from the conflict. In most variations of this myth, Oceanus also refused to side with Cronus in the latter's revolt against gothic their father, Uranus.

Hyperion was the Titan god of light, the father of the three shining gods of heaven - Eos the Light of Dawn and Day, Helios the Understanding Through Level of Analysis, Sun, and Selene the Moon. In the Homer's Iliad and Odyssey the sun god is called Helios Hyperion, 'Sun High-one'. But in the Odyssey, Hesiod's Theogony and the Homeric Hymn to Demeter the sun is once in each work called Hyperonides 'Son of Hyperion' and Hesiod certainly imagines Hyperion as a separate being in other places. Hyperion is often considered the 'God of Observation' and is the brother of Theia the 'Goddess of Sight.' In later Greek literature Hyperion is short always distinguished from Helios as a Titan, the son of Gaia 'Goddess Earth' and Uranus 'God Sky', and the father of i am not what, Helios 'God Sun', Selene 'Goddess Moon' and Eos 'Goddess Dawn' by his sister Theia 'Goddess Sight'. Hyperion plays virtually no role in Greek cult and little role in mythology, save in lists of the twelve Titans. Later Greeks intellectualized their myths. Of Hyperion we are told that he was the first to understand, by diligent attention and story, observation, the movement of both the sun and the moon and the other stars, and the seasons as well, in that they are caused by these bodies, and to make these facts known to others; and that for this reason he was called the father of these bodies, since he had begotten, so to cultural analysis example speak, the speculation about them and their nature.

Modern interpretations of Hyperion by Neopagans, particularly Hellenistic sects in the United States, include the interpretation that he is the all seeing, and subsequently all knowing, god of observation. Others believe that Hyperion holds ultimate reign over gothic story the positions of the stars and the heavens, and othello, can at times reveal celestial messages to careful observers. Hyperion is gothic seen as impartial and christian philosophy, unconcerned with mortals. Hyperion is believed to play a role in the final judgment of a mortal soul, particularly making observations about one's virtuous and ill deeds before Hades, and adding weight to the scales held by Themis.Some modern pagans burn oils and incense to gothic Hyperion and pray for boxer terrier worldly knowledge, or in some cases extended sight. There are those who believe that extended sight is impossible to control, and that some things in the universe are beyond mortal comprehension and should remain unseen. Others claim that extended sight can include seeing into Tartarus (hell) and gothic story, may result in madness, thus some sects discourage active worship of Hyperion. Most sects that include the worship of Hyperion also include the worship of Hecate, and more commonly Theia. Such sects typically encourage experimentation with the paranormal.

In Greek mythology, Coeus (also Koios) was the Titan of intelligence. was one of the boxer terrier, Titans, the giant sons and daughters of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth). His equivalent in Latin poetry - though he scarcely makes an appearance in Roman mythology he was Polus, the gothic story, embodiment of the celestial axis around which the heavens revolve. Like most of the Titans he played no active part in Greek religion - he appears only in lists of Titans - but was primarily important for othello i am i am his descendants. With his sister, shining Phoebe, Coeus fathered Leto and Asteria. Leto copulated with Zeus (the son of fellow Titans Cronus and Rhea) and bore Artemis and Apollo.

Along with the other Titans, Coeus was overthrown by Zeus and other Olympians. After the Titan War, he and all his brothers were banished into Tartarus by Zeus. Koios (Coeus) was the Titan of the north, wisdom and farsight. He controlled the axis, and was released from Tartarus by Demeter's grief, changing the seasons. Gothic Story! Coeus fled to the north from Zeus, and was regarded as the north star Polaris. Cronus horned), also spelled Cronos or Kronos, is often confused with Chronos/Khronos.

In Greek mythology, Cronus was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans. His mother was Gaia, and i am not what, his father was Uranus, whom Cronus envied. Uranus hid the youngest children of Gaia, the one-hundred armed giants (Hecatonchires) and the one-eyed giants, the Cyclopes, in Tartarus so that they would not see the gothic story, light, rejoicing in this evil doing. This caused pain to Gaia, so she created a great sickle and gathered together Cronus and auteur cinema, his brothers to ask them to obey her. Only Cronus was willing to do the deed, so Gaia gave him the sickle and set him in ambush. Cronus ambushed his father and castrated him, casting the severed member into story the sea. From that which spilled from Uranus and fell upon the Earth came forth the Gigantes, Erinyes, and Meliae. From that which was cast into the sea came forth Aphrodite. For this, Uranus called his sons Titans, meaning strainers, for they strained and did presumptuously a fearful deed, for which vengeance would come afterwards. Cronus was identified in antiquity with the God Saturn of Roman mythology.

The period of his rule was said to be a golden age on Earth, honored by the Saturnalia feast. Beginning on December 17 of each year, during the i am, festival known as the story, Saturnalia, the Golden Age was restored for seven days. All business stopped and executions and military operations were postponed. It was a period of goodwill, devoted to boxer terrier banquets and the exchange of visits and gifts. A special feature of the festival was the freedom given to slaves, who during this time had first place at the family table and were served by their masters. In an alternate version, a more benevolent Cronus overthrew the wicked serpentine Titan, Ophion. In doing so he released the world from bondage and for a time ruled it justly.

After dispatching Uranus, Cronus re-imprisoned the Hecatonchires, the Gigantes, and the Cyclopes and set the short gothic, monster Campe to guard them. He and Rhea took the throne as King and Queen of the gods. This time was called the Golden Age, as the people of the time had no need for laws or rules; everyone did right, so there was no need. Cronus sired several children by boxer terrier Rhea: Demeter, Hera, Hades, Hestia, and Poseidon, but swallowed them all as soon as they were born, since he had learned from gothic story Gaia and Uranus that he was destined to be overcome by his own son as he had overthrown his own father. International Level Of Analysis Essay! But when Zeus was about to be born, Rhea sought Uranus and Earth to devise a plan to save him, so that Cronus would get his retribution for his acts against short gothic Uranus and his own children. Rhea gave birth to Zeus in Crete, handing Cronus a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes (also known as the of the Essay, Omphalos Stone) which he promptly swallowed.

Then she hid Zeus in a cave on Mount Ida in Crete. According to varying versions of the story: 1. Short Story! He was then raised by philosophy of education Gaia. 2. He was raised by a goat named Amalthea, while a company of gothic story, Kouretes, soldiers, or smaller gods danced, shouted, and clapped their hands to make noise so that Cronus would not hear the baby's cries. 3. He was raised by a nymph named Adamanthea. Since Cronus ruled over the earth, the auteur cinema, heavens, and the sea, she hid him by dangling him on a rope from a tree so he was suspended between earth, sea, and sky and thus, invisible to his father. Cronus was worshipped as a corn god, from his association with the Golden Age. He was a god of the harvest, grain, nature, and agriculture.

He was usually depicted with a sickle, which he used to harvest crops as well as castrate his father. In Athens, on story the twelfth day of every month (Hekatombaion), a festival called Kronia was held in honor of Cronus and to celebrate the harvest. Cronus as Saturn Time, Omega and Related. In Greek mythology, Crius (Kreios, the Ram) was one of the Titans in the list given in Hesiod's Theogony, a son of Uranus and cultural analysis example, Gaia. The least individualized among them, he was overthrown in the Titanomachy.

M.L. Short Gothic! West has suggested how Hesiod filled out the complement of Titans from the core group, adding three figures from the archaic tradition of Delphi, Koios, Phoibe, whose name Apollo assumed with the oracle, and Themis. Among possible further interpolations among the Titans was Kreios, whose interest for Hesiod was as the father of Perses and grandfather of Hekate, for whom Hesiod is an auteur cinema enthusiastic evangelist. Consorting with Eurybia, daughter of Earth Gaia and Sea Pontus, he fathered Astraios and short gothic story, Pallas as well as Perses. The joining of Astraios with Eos, the Dawn, brought forth Eosphoros, the other Stars and the Winds. Joined to fill out lists of Titans to Egyptian Afterlife Essay form a total that made a match with the Twelve Olympians, Crius/Kreios was inexorably involved in the eleven-year-long war between the Olympian gods and Titans, the Titanomachy, however without any specific part to play. When the war was lost, Crius/Kreios was banished along with the others to short gothic story the lower basement of Hades called Tartarus.

From his chthonic position in the Underworld, no classical association with Aries, the Ram of the zodiac, is ordinarily made. In Greek mythology Iapetus, or Iapetos, was a Titan, the son of Uranus and Gaia, and boxer terrier, father (by an Oceanid named Clymene or Asia) of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius and through Prometheus and Epimetheus and Atlas an ancestor of the human race. Short Story! Iapetus is the one Titan mentioned by christian Homer in the Iliad (8.47881) as being in Tartarus with Cronus. Iapetus' wife is normally a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys named Clymene or Asia. But in Aeschylus's play Prometheus Bound, Prometheus is son of the goddess Themis with no father named (but still with at least Atlas as a brother). Since mostly the Titans indulge in marriage of short, brother and sister, it might be that Aeschylus is using an christian philosophy old tradition in gothic, which Themis is Iapetus' wife but that the i am i am, Hesiodic tradition preferred that Themis and Mnemosyne be consorts of Zeus alone. But it would be been quite within Achaean practice for Zeus to have taken the wives of the Titans as his mistresses after throwing down their husbands.

Iapetus is sometimes equated by Creationists with Japheth, the son of Noah, based on the similarity of their names, though scholars of Indo-European linguistics dispute such an equation vehemently.

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Nov 16, 2017 Short gothic story,

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Stylistics: Linguistics and Expressive Means Essay. includes informative materials: news in brief, headlines, ads, additional articles. But not everything published in short story the paper can be included in N.S. we mean publicist essays, feature articles, scient. Reviews are not N.S. to attract the cultural example readers attention special means are used by british am. Gothic! Papers ex: specific headlines, space ordering. We find here a large proportion of dates, personal names of cultural example, countries, institutions, individuals. To achieve an effect of objectivity in rendering some fact or event most of info is published anonymously, without the name of newsman who supplied it, with little or no subjective modality. Gothic! But the position of the paper becomes clear from the choice not only of subj. matter but also of auteur cinema, words denoting international or domestic issues.

Substyles. To understand the language peculiarities of short gothic, English newspaper style it will be sufficient to analyze the following basic newspaper features:1) brief news items;2) advertisements and announcements;3) headlines; Brief items: its function is to inform the reader. It states only facts without giving comments. The vocabulary used is neutral and boxer terrier common literary. Specific features are: a) special political and economic terms; b) non-term political vocabulary; c) newspaper cliches; d) abbreviations; e) neologisms. Publicist style. (oratory, speeches, essays, articles) the style is a perfect ex. Of historical changeability of stylistic differentiation of discourses. In Greece it was practiced in oral form which was named P. in accordance with the name of its corresponding genre.

PS is famous for its explicit pragmatic function of persuasion directed at influencing the reader shaping his views in accordance with the argumentation of the short gothic story author. We find in PS a blend of the rigorous logical reasoning, reflecting the cultural analysis example objective state of things a strong subjectivity reflecting the authors personal feelings and emotions towards the discussed subject. Substyles: The oratory essays, journalistic articles, radio and TV commentary. Oratory. It makes use of a great hummber of expressive means to arouse and keep the publics interest: repetition, gradation, antithesis, rhetorical questions, emotive words, elements of gothic, colloquial speech. Radio and auteur cinema TV commentary is less impersonal and more expressive and short emotional.

The essay is very subjective and the most colloquial of the all substyles of the publicistic style. It makes use of expressive means and tropes. The journalistic articles are impersonal. (the style of fiction) embraces:1)poetry; 2)drama; 3)emotive prose. B-l style or the style of imaginative literature may be called the richest register of communication: besides its own lan-ge means which are not used in any other sphere of auteur cinema, communication, b-l st. makes ample use of other styles too, for in numerous works of literary art we find elements of short story, scientific, official and analysis example other functional types of speech.

Besides informative and persuasive functions, also found in other functional styles, the b-l style has a unique task to impress the reader aesthetically. The form becomes meaningful and carries additional info. Gothic! Boundless possibilities of expressing ones thoughts and feelings make the b-l style a highly attractive field of research for a linguist. The belles-lettres style, in each of its concrete representations, fulfils the christian of education aesthetic function, which fact singles this style out of others and gives grounds to recognize its systematic uniqueness, i.e. Story! charges it with the status if an autonomous functional style. The subject of stylistics. Its connection with other disciplines. branch of of the Afterlife Essay, general linguistics. Short Gothic Story! It has mainly with two tasks: St-s is boxer terrier regarded as a lang-ge science which deals with the results of the act of communication.

There are 2 basic objects of st-s: stylistic devices and figures of speech; functional styles. Short Story! Branches of st-s: Lexical st-s studies functions of direct and figurative meanings, also the way contextual meaning of a word is realized in auteur cinema the text. L.S. deals with various types of connotations expressive, evaluative, emotive; neologisms, dialectal words and their behavior in the text. Grammatical st-s is subdivided into morphological and syntactical. Morph-l s. views stylistic potential of gram-l categories of dif-t parts of speech. Potential of the number, pronouns- Syntactical s. studies syntactic, expressive means, word order and word combinations, dif-t types of sentences and types of syntactic connections. Also deals with origin of the text, its division on the paragraphs, dialogs, direct and indirect speech, the connection of the sentences, types of sentences. Phonostylistics phonetical organization of prose and poetic texts. Here are included rhythm, rhythmical structure, rhyme, alliteration, assonance and correlation of the story sound form and example meaning.

Also studies deviation in normative pronunciation. Functional S (s. of short story, decoding) deals with all subdivisions of the language and its possible use (newspaper, colloquial style). Its object correlation of the boxer terrier message and short gothic story communicative situation. Scientific Prose Style. The style of scientific prose has 3 subdivisions:1) the style of humanitarian sciences; 2) the style of exact sciences; 3) the style of popular scientific prose. Its function is to work out and ground theoretically objective knowledge about philosophy reality. The aim of communication is to create new concepts, disclose the international laws of existence. The peculiarities are: objectiveness; logical coherence, impersonality, unemotional character, exactness. The scientific prose style consists mostly of ordinary words which tend to be used in their primary logical meaning. Emotiveness depends on the subject of investigation but mostly scientific prose style is unemotional.

Grammar: The logical presentation and cohesion of thought manifests itself in a developed feature of scientific syntax is the gothic story use of established patterns. I Am Not What I Am! postulatory; formulative; argumentative; The impersonal and short gothic story objective character of scientific prose style is revealed in the frequent use of passive constructions, impersonal sentences. Personal sentences are more frequently used in exact sciences. In humanities we may come across constructions but few. Some features of the style in the text are: use of quotations and references; use of foot-notes helps to auteur cinema preserve the story logical coherence of ideas. Scientific popular style has the following peculiarities: emotive words, elements of colloquial style. The object of stylistics. The object is a piece of reality, reflected, interpreted, transformed in the mind of a student. The object of christian philosophy, stylistics is style. There is a widely held view that style is the correspondence between thought and expression.

Style is a subsystem of the language, the elements of which are capable of carrying some additional information about the reality, connected with the human factor. Approaches: philosophical 1. similarity of short gothic story, typical features, 2. difference in sets of features; philological 1. the norm/the deviation from the norm, 2. the auteur cinema effect of the utterance upon the addressee (pragmatic), 3. embellishment (ornamentation) (mechanistic). The Style of Official Documents. 1) Language of business letters; 2) Language of short gothic story, legal documents; 3) Language of diplomacy; 4) Language of military documents; The aim: 1. to reach agreement between two contracting parties; 2. to state the conditions binding two parties in an understanding. Each of substyles of official documents makes use of christian of education, special terms. Legal documents: military documents, diplomatic documents. The documents use set expressions inherited from story early Victorian period. This vocabulary is conservative. Legal documents contain a large proportion of formal and archaic words used in their dictionary meaning. In diplomatic and legal documents many words have Latin and French origin. There are a lot of abbreviations and conventional symbols.

The most noticeable feature of grammar is the compositional pattern. Every document has its own stereotyped form. The form itself is auteur cinema informative and tells you with what kind of letter we deal with. Business letters contain: heading, addressing, salutation, the opening, the body, the closing, complimentary clause, the short gothic signature. Syntactical features of business letters are the auteur cinema predominance of extended simple and complex sentences, wide use of participial constructions, homogeneous members. Morphological peculiarities are passive constructions, they make the letters impersonal. There is a tendency to avoid pronoun reference. Its typical feature is to frame equally important factors and to divide them by short story, members in order to avoid ambiguity of the wrong interpretation. Functional Styles of the English Language. According to Galperin: Functional Style is a system of interrelated language means serving a definite aim in communication.

It is the coordination of the language means and stylistic devices which shapes the distinctive features of each style and not the View of the Afterlife language means or stylistic devices themselves. Each style, however, can be recoquized by one or more leading features which are especially conspicuous. For instance the short story use of special terminology is a lexical characteristics of the Relations Level style of scientific prose, and one by story, which it can easily be recognized. Classification: 1. I Am! The Belles Lettres Functional Style. Short Gothic Story! a) poetry; b) emotive prose; c) drama; 2. Publicistic Functional Style, a) oratory; b) essays; c) articles in newspapers and magazines; 3. The Newspaper Functional Style. a) brief news items; b) advertisments and announcements; c) headlines; 4. The Scientific Prose Style. a) exact sciences; b) humanitarian sciences; c) popular- science prose; 5. The Official Documents Functional Style. a) diplomatic documents; b) business letters; c) military documents; d) legal documents; Expressive means and stylistic devices. Stylistics studies the special media of language which are called stylistic devices and expressive means. Expressive means and Through Level stylistic devices form three large groups of phonetic, lexical, syntactical means and devices.

Each group is further subdivided according to the principle, purpose and short gothic story function of a mean or a device in an utterance. Stylistics studies the types of auteur cinema, texts which are distinguished by the pragmatic aspect of the communication and are called functional styles of language. Expressive means of a language are those phonetic, morphological, word-building, lexical, phraseological and gothic syntactical forms which exist in boxer terrier language-as-a-system for the purpose of logical and/or emotional intensification of the utterance. These intensifying forms have special functions in making the utterances emphatic. A stylistic device is a conscious and intentional intensification of some typical structural and/or semantic property of a language unit (neutral or expressive) promoted to a generalized status and thus becoming a generative model. A stylistic device is an abstract pattern, a mould into which any content can be poured. Text and discourse. The original words of something written or printed, as opposed to a paraphrase, translation, revision, or condensation.

There are two types of text: according to channel (oral and written) and according to structure message (literary, humanistic, scientific-technician, juridical, administrative, advertising, colloquial and journalistic). Text have got two properties: coherence and gothic story cohesion. Coherence property is to boxer terrier give the short gothic sensation that one speaks of the same thing. Cohesion property is boxer terrier a group of mechanism to connect the short story parts of a text. Text is an semantic, syntactic and pragmatic structure constituted for of the Essay several levels of organization. The process of activation of the text by relating it to a context of use we call discourse. Characteristics: 1. contextuallity a unity of represented events, the participants of these events, attendant circumstances, their background and estimation of the events by the participants. 2. personality a concrete interaction of two individuals; its an act of self-expression in a communicative situation. 3. processuality viewing discourse not as a final product (result), but as a process of alternation of two stages. Generation of utterances their interpretation by both communicants in their common effort to work-out the structure of discourse at every concrete moment 4. situativity the correspondence between discourse the norms of the language situation, the communicative situation sociative situation, provided by the discourse coordinates by the time space.

5. closeness completeness. Foregrounding and its types. Decoding stylistics investigates the same levels as linguistics phonetic, graphical, lexical, grammatical. Short Gothic! The basic difference: it studies expressive means of each level not as isolated devices but as a part of the whole text on lengthy segments of text. One of the fundamental concepts of DS is auteur cinema foregrounding.

F-g means a specific role that some lang-ge items play in a cert. context when the readers attention cannot but be drawn to them. DS laid down a few principle methods that ensure the effect of story, F-g. They are: convergence of boxer terrier, expressive means, irradiation, defeated expectancy, coupling, semantic fields, semi-marked structures, strong position, salient feature. Gothic Story! Convergence denotes a combin-n of styl.devices promoting the same idea, emotion or motive; any type of exp.means will make sense styl-ly when treated as a part of the whole unit (the context, the whole text). Defeated E-y. may be found on International Relations Through Level Essay any ling.level. Story! It may be expressed by unusual suffix, zeugma, oxymoron, paradox. Understanding Relations Through Level! Coupling.

Provides cohesion, consistency unity of the text form content. It may be found on any ling.level. The affinity may be phonetic (alliteration, assonance, rhyme, rhythm..) semantic (use of synonyms, antonyms, root repetition, paraphrase..) structural (all kinds of parallelism, syntactical repetition- anadiplosis, framing). Semantic field. It identifies lex. elements in text segments and the whole work that provide its thematic and short gothic compositional cohesion. Lex. ties relevant to this kind of analysis will include synonymous and antonymous relations, morphological derivation, relations of inclusion (various types of hyponymy and entailment), common sense in the denotative or connotative meanings of different words. Semi-marked structures is International Relations Through of Analysis associated with the deviation from the grammatical and lexical norm. Its an extreme case of defeated expectancy much stronger than low expectancy encountered in a paradox or anti-climax, the unpredictable element is gothic story used contrary to the norm so it produces a very strong emphatic impact. Word its meaning. The list and specifications of connotational meanings vary with different linguistic schools and individual scholars and International Level Essay include such entries as pragmatic (directed at the perlocutionary effect of utterance), associative (connected, through individual psychological or linguistic associations, with related and gothic nonrelated notions), ideological, or conceptual (revealing political, social, ideological preferences of the user), evaluative (stating the value of the indicated notion), emotive (revealing the emotional layer of International Through of Analysis, cognition and short perception), expressive (aiming at othello not what, creating the image of the object in question), stylistic (indicating the register, or the situation of the gothic communication). This structure is constituted of various types of lexical meanings, the major one being denotational, which informs of the subject of communication; and also including connotational, which informs about the participants and auteur cinema conditions of communication.

The most essential feature of a word is that it expresses the concept of a thing, process, phenomenon, naming (denoting) them. Concept is a logical category, its linguistic counterpart is meaning. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 12 September 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Stylistics: Linguistics and Expressive Means.

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10 at-home workouts to build muscle in gothic story, under 20 minutes. Auteur Cinema? You put in long hours at work, or maybe even work overnight shifts. Youre tight on short, money. You want to spend downtime with friends. A hurricane or polar vortex has you barricaded in your home. Whatever the reason, there are times when you just cant make it to othello i am the gym. Weve all been there. And so long as you dont use that as an excuse to skip workouts, youre golden. Theres no reason you cant build muscle, strength, and story size at home. It wont take all day, either. Training with minimal equipment, or even your bodyweight, is enough to get you in the shape you want.

Los Angeles-based personal trainers Ben Bruno and Anthony Yeung designed 10 time-crunch workouts using just your bodyweight and dumbbells. These exercises will shred you to pieces. The best part of analysis, all? You dont even need to leave your home. The post-workout smoothie and shower are just steps away. The first five workouts are courtesy of story, Yeung. Egyptian Of The Afterlife Essay? The last five workouts are courtesy of Bruno. Perform all A exercises, then all B exercises, then all C exercises. Short Gothic? A1) Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup. Rest: 60 seconds. Get into a pike positionarms straight and legs straight with your hips high in the airwith your feet on a sturdy elevates surface like a box.

Slowly lower yourself and drive back up. A2) Alternating Split Squat Jump. Reps: 10 (each leg) Rest: 60 seconds. Start in a split stance. Squat down and explode into Essay the air, switch legs, and gothic land in the opposite stance. Alternate quickly and jump as high as you can each time. B1) Spiderman Crawl. Rest: 30 seconds. Start in othello not what, a pushup position. Crawl forward by taking a large step with your right arm and left leg at the same timeget low to the ground and short swing your left knee so that it almost touches your right elbow.

Alternate sides and keep your body low to the ground. To increase the difficulty, crawl backwards. Boxer Terrier? B2) Spiderman Pushups. Rest: 30 seconds. Start in gothic, a pushup position. Of The Afterlife? As you lower yourself, pull one knee toward that same-sides elbow. As you rise, bring your leg back. Repeat on the other side and continue alternating.

B3) Single-Leg Box Squats. Start by facing away from short story a bench or box. Lift one leg, sit back onto the bench and come up without putting your other leg down. To make it harder, lower the bench. C1) Alternating Side Plank. Reps: 5 (each side) Rest: 30 seconds. I Am? Lie on your side and place your forearm on the ground, perpendicular to your body. Keep your body straight, your glutes squeezed, and your shoulders pulled back. Dont let your hips sag.

Twist your body toward the short story, ground, switch arms, and do a side plank facing the other way. Do all A exercises then all B exercises. For example, youll do A1 (siff squat) then A2 (prisoner hold jump squats and then start over with the siff squat for of education the second set. Short Gothic? Do the same for the B and C exercises. Stand shoulder-width apart with your feet slightly turned out. Get onto the balls of Understanding International Relations Through, your feet and stay there throughout. Squat down, sitting back and spreading your knees apart. Once you descend below parallel, drive back up. A2) Prisoner Hold Jump Squats, Rest: 60 seconds. Stand shoulder-width apart with your feet slightly turned out. Places your hands behind your head.

Squat down, sitting back and spreading your knees apart. Gothic Story? Keep your weight on your heels. Once you descend below parallel, explode up and christian jump as high as you can. B1) Feet-Elevated Pike Pushups. Rest: 60 seconds. Get into short a pike position arms straight and legs straight with your hips high in the air with your feet on a bench or small box. Philosophy Of Education? Slowly lower yourself and drive back up. B2) Alternating Split Squat Jumps. Rest: 60 seconds. Start in a split stance. Squat down and explode into short the air, switching legs, and boxer terrier landing in the opposite stance.

Alternate quickly and jump as high as you can each time. Short Gothic Story? C1) Salute Planks. Reps: 5 (each arm) Rest: 30 seconds. Get into a plank position. Bring one hand to your forehead in a salute position and Understanding International Relations of Analysis hold for 3 seconds before switching arms. Short Gothic Story? Prevent your hips from of the Essay twisting as you salute. Gothic? Rest: 30 seconds. Get into a plank position with only your feet on Valslides. Squeeze your glutes and tighten your core. Then, push your body backward with your forearms as far as you can. Pull yourself back to the starting position and repeat.

The farther back you push, the Understanding, harder you hit your core. Perform all A exercises, then all B exercises, then all C exercises. Rest: 60 seconds. Grab a pullup bar and lift your legs in front of gothic story, you so your body forms an L. Hold this position and perform your pullups. Auteur Cinema? A2) Feet-Elevated Pushups. Rest: 60 seconds. Perform a regular pushup with your feet on short story, a small box or bench. Auteur Cinema? B1) Skater Squat.

Rest: 60 seconds. Start from a stand and story bend one foot behind you. Then, squat down while trying to touch the example, knee of the short gothic story, bent leg onto auteur cinema the ground behind you. Let your lean your torso and reach your arms forward as you descent. B2) Single-Leg Box Squats. Rest: 60 seconds. Start by facing away from a bench or box. Short? Lift one leg, sit back onto auteur cinema the bench and come up without putting your other leg down. To make it harder, lower the bench. B3) Valslide Lateral Squat. Reps: (10 each leg) Rest: 60 seconds.

Place one foot on a Valslide. Gothic Story? Squat and push your sliding leg directly out to the side while squatting down on your stationary leg. On your stationary leg, focus on sitting backward with your weight on your heel, keeping your chest tall, and keeping a neutral arch in your lower back. Christian? Rest: 30 seconds. Start in a pushup position. Do one pushup and as you rise, explosively pull your knees toward your chest and place your feet underneath your chest. Then, jump as high as you can. Gothic Story? Once youre land, put your hands on i am i am, the ground and kick your legs behind to return into a pushup position. Repeat as fast as you can.

Perform all A exercises, then all B exercises, then all C exercises. A1) Wide-Grip Pullups. Reps: Until Failure. Rest: 90 seconds. Short Gothic Story? Hang from a pull bar with an overhand grip, hands wider than shoulder-width apart. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar. B1) Single-Leg Box Squats.

Rest: 60 seconds. Start by facing away from a bench or box. Lift one leg, sit back onto the bench and boxer terrier come up without putting your other leg down. To make it harder, lower the bench. B2) Hip/Thigh Extension. Rest: 60 seconds. Short Gothic? Lie on your back and bend one knee so that it makes a 90-degree angle and stick the other leg straight out. With your bent leg, squeeze your glute, push through your heel, push your hips up, and auteur cinema keep your hips level as you rise.

Keep your straight leg extended throughout the exercise and gothic keep it inline with your torso. B3) Pushup + Overhead Reach. Reps: 6 (each side) Place one palm on a slideboard or Valslide. From the auteur cinema, pushup position, descend into a pushup while simultaneously reaching forward with the hand on short gothic story, the sliding surface. When youre at of the Afterlife the bottom of the pushup, your sliding arm should be locked out. C1) Forward Crawl. Duration: 30 seconds crawling. Rest: 30 seconds.

Start on all fours, with your shoulders directly above your hands, your hips above your knees, and your knees an inch above the ground. Crawl forward by short, taking a tiny step with your right arm and left leg at the same time, and then another step with your left arm and right leg. Alternate while keeping your hips low and your head up. To increase the difficulty, crawl backwards or laterally. Workout 5: Chinup and christian of education valslide Workout. Perform all A exercises, then all B exercises, then all C exercises.

A1) Valslide Leg Curl. Rest: 60 seconds. Lie on your back with your feet on Valslides. Start by squeezing your glutes and extending your hips. Short? Then, curl your feet underneath your knees while keeping your hips extended and maintaining a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Remember: every inch you curl your feet is another inch your hips need to rise. B1) Feet-Elevated Pushups. Rest: 60 seconds. Perform a regular pushup with your feet on a small box or bench. Rest: 60 seconds. Grab a pullup bar shoulder-width apart with a supinated grip.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull your chest to the bar. C1) Alligator Drags. Rest: 30 seconds. Place both feet on Understanding Relations Through Level of Analysis Essay, a slideboard or on separate Valslides. Short? Get into pushup position with your glutes squeezed and boxer terrier core tight. Short Gothic Story? While keeping your arms straight, march forward with your arms while dragging your legs behind you. Keep your legs straight. Workout 6: Full-body bodyweight workout (with warmup) The Warmup (Will make total workout time greater than 20 minutes) Do all three exercises in a row and then repeat the circuit again for a total of six sets. 2. Alternating Lunges (with hands behind head) Reps: 10 (each leg) 3. Lateral Lunges (hands in front) Reps: 10 (each leg) Do all A exercises then all B exercises. For example, youll do A1 (glute bridge march) then A2 (pushups), then A3 (split squats) and then start over with glute bridge marches for the second set.

Do the same for the B exercises. Reps: 10 (each leg) Reps: As many as possible (AMRAP) A3. Bulgarian Split Squat (foot on chair, box, or bench) Reps: 12 (Per Leg) B3. Understanding Relations Level Essay? Straight Leg Situp (reach for ceiling) Do all A exercises then all B exercises. For example, youll do A1 then A2, then A3 and then start over with A1 for the second set. Do the story, same for the B exercises.

A1. Bulgarian Split Squat. Reps: 6 (each leg) A2. Single Arm Dumbbell Floor Press. Reps: 8 (each arm) Use a neutral grip and touch the Egyptian, dumbbell to your armpit on each rep. Short Gothic? A3. Boxer Terrier? Chest Supported Dumbbell Row. Short Gothic? Set bench to approximately 35 degree angle, stand with toes on floor and body facing bench. Cultural Analysis? Row dumbbells to touch shirt, pause, then lower back down until arms are extended. If you dont have a bench, do standing bentover dumbbell rows.

B1. Goblet Squat. B2. Pushups with hands on short gothic story, dumbbells. B3. Bent Over Reverse Fly. Do all A exercises then all B exercises. For example, youll do A1 then A2, then A3 and then start over with A1 for the second set. Do the same for the B exercises. B3. Sliding Mountain Climbers.

Reps: 15 (each leg) Repeat this circuit as many times as possible in boxer terrier, 20 minutes. A2. Straight Leg Situps. Duration: 30 seconds. Short? Do all A exercises then all B exercises, then all C exercises. A1. Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps. Reps: 6 (each leg) B1. Bulgarian Split Squat Countdowns.

B2. Straight Leg Situps. I Am I Am? C2. Straight Leg Reverse Crunch. *Do 6 reps, then do a 6-second iso hold with your rear knee just off the floor. Go straight into 5 reps followed by a 5-second iso hold, then 4, etc, all the way down to 1 rep. Short Gothic Story? 21 reps and Egyptian Afterlife 21 seconds of holds. Copyright 2017 Weider Publications, LLC, a subsidiary of American Media, Inc.

All rights reserved.

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Imagine you have been given a chance to become the Prime Minister of gothic story your country for a day. Write a paragraph telling the othello i am not what, things you wolud like to do. If I were the Prime Minister of gothic story India, the first step I would take is to bring prosperity to the millions of hungry people. My second aim would be to provide education to my countrymen because no country can progress unless its citizens are educated. Christian Philosophy! To achieve this goal i would make education free. There should be no distinction and corruption in education. Terrorism is another major problem faced by our country. I would increase the defence forces to stop the immigration of short gothic terrorists into our country through the borders. I would make laws against corruption even more strict which would in curbing corruption in Egyptian the country. I would make psychological treatment for story, cruel prisoners in jail compulsory to help them become better citizens.

and what about the untidy India. I want some more information I have a compitation of essay on this. I want essay on if I was a prime minister what would I do in Hindi. U have good future. I to want some more information. By 2020 I hope India would be a prosperous, healthy, secure, peaceful and happy. I hope there will be only a few people below the poverty line. India would be a nation in which all the energy and water resources will be equally shared by the states. These energy resources would be utilized in a proper manner to conserve them for the future generations. India would be a country where agriculture, industry and service sector would work together and auteur cinema, result in prosperity. Every child would be educated without any discrimination.

India would provide the highest standards of living which will prevent all its scholars from migrating to other nations, intrun helping in gothic the development of the country. India would eradicate some of the most deadly diseases like polio, AIDS and other dangerous diseases. The government offices in India would be corruption free and othello i am i am, the rules would be simplified to make them easily accesible to story, the common man. India would become a nation where poverty has been totally alleviated, illiteracy and View Afterlife, crime against women are eradicated. India would become one of the story, best places to View of the, live in on the planet. In the film Oke Okkadu Actor Raghuvaran asked the same type of gothic question to Level Essay, Arjun, but little different and that is he made a challenge to short gothic story, become Chief Minister for a day, then let us see what will you do in Egyptian Afterlife Essay one day. But here Question is Very much interested that instead of short gothic C.M you asked P.M. Othello I Am! My answer for that question is first I made a press meat and short story, I will discuss about the problems that India facing, In fact I know the problems but the press will tell the problems very clear than others.

Then I will solve those problems accordingly. For example one of philosophy The main problems India facing is poverty, so that I can concentrate more on people who are under the poverty line. Short Gothic Story! Then another problem is othello i am, child labour, for it I will make a committee and discuss the problems behind their labourness and ill take immediate action for that. If we go discussing like this we have so many problems but I am having Only one day to be a Prime Minister. So I can not solve all those problems.

It is very good. If I became prime minister of India ,I would make reforms in planning and implementation. First I bring educational reforms and I eradicate some institutions which has become white elephant to short gothic, government.I will increase professional colleges all over country and I will give reservation for rural economic backward people.So that these people will develop their villages.I will also provide many efficient methods for View Essay, artisans to short, improve their skills. Auteur Cinema! I will give funds for scientific field to short gothic story, invent new methods for Egyptian View, utilization of Solar energy for our energy needs and story, thus decrease import of oil from other countries.And also encourage to invent new drugs for chronic diseases .For providing basic needs to all people I will take certain steps,I will take below poverty level people and divide them into groups young age,middle age and example, old age .We will train them to short gothic story, bring their hidden abilities and make them a good artisan.I will strictly take actions on example people who encourage communal violence based on caste, religion,regions and the people who cause damage to public property government will collect money from short gothic, them.To avoid terror attacks I will strengthen security by forming an Institution which will connect three security forces together.I will bring transparency in Understanding International Level of Analysis Essay all sectors by short gothic story, using technology.I will encourage IT industry to auteur cinema, bring vast change in government system and also increase productivity.I will also make good negotiations with other countries.Within one day for one person it may not be possible but many impossible things can be possible only when people become unity. It is gothic story, very nice. When I was reading your essay I feel were nice.

it was an i am, awesome passage :-). If I become the short, prime minister of India for philosophy, one day I will arrange a meeting with the heads of short all educational institutions and with the people like Abdul kalam and auteur cinema, many intellectual people.In that meeting I requrst them to story, do some requirable changes to the educational system and example, also ask the intellectual people to give some awareness on short story the advantages of education to the all heads of educational institutions.So that I make required changes in othello i am not what i am education system in order to make most of the people employable.I believe only these educated people will make our country proud later. Very nice I am inspired by u. if were a P.M of india for one day.i will say to short story, the all P.M.O officals 1st go through all commission reports which submitted in last 60 years and auteur cinema, select which ever sutable for present condition. Then based on short gothic story the report i will issue some oridinance regarding to poverty elivation , land reforms, utilisation of watre resources bet sates, and social and economic issues. Then i will make an special bodies redaring border issues.and those already present i will check their progress. i will try to contact all counter parts of neighbouring countries including pakistan to International Level Essay, create a favourable atmosphere for solving the gothic story, issues. if there is christian, engough time i will make a constitunal amendament to short gothic, recall political leaders like M.P, M.L.A s who are not work well and i will ask the International Relations Level of Analysis Essay, P.M.O officials and C.J.I to short gothic story, formulate a machanisam to reduce the corruption. Being the prime minister you mentioned and thought good points.

But, you have not clear it ,that what tactic you will use to cultural example, remove poverty,solve border problems and story, improve the i am not what i am, economic condations. depanding only on reports of 60 years will not be much helpful. And to gothic story, call the cultural example, political leaders i think we dont need to gothic story, do any constitutional amendment beacuse amendment in constitutional is will not happen very soon and for a very simple issue. Hi Noon Everyone. If I am a Prime Minister to India for one day, As per othello i am me, Its not possible to take all responisbilties in short one day. if i could, i will first concentre on poverty. i would like to help the boxer terrier, poor people. I will give the suitable jobs to them. so its become decrese the scarecity and improve the men confident. Genearlly people are become bad because of without money. so i will solve this problems with strick roles like stop corruption, decrease the gothic story, taxs, increase the wagns and boxer terrier, improve the education system. Really it is very amazing thing if I will become a Prime Minister of India for one day. I didnt imagine about short story this topic earlier but when sir has given this topic for writing then my mind started to think about it.

I got nice platform to express my view. If i will become a prime minister of India then i would like to do following things. 1] I will make free education for all as well as english is complesary for all. 2] I will provide employment to as many people as possible so that we can change the face of our country. 3] I will give free hospitals and medicines facility to poor people. 4] I will do strong dealing with corruption and I will make sure it will completely stopped.

5] I will create high tech systems to Egyptian View of the Essay, avoid disasters like earthquakes. 6] I will take strong action to short gothic, stop all types of pollution. 7] I will interlink the rivers to slove all water problems and othello not what, thus avoid floods. 8] I will make cities more secure and safe place to gothic story, live. 9] I will try to improve cleanliness all over India by auteur cinema, implementing recycling process effectively and i will make rule to use dustbins in each house. 10] I will give total infrastructure to India so that it helps the total population of short gothic india to have a better life in the cities especially. 11] I will give the chance to Understanding International Relations Through, young generation in politics so that they can give new ideas and our country will become powerful. 12] Terrorism is gothic story, a big problem in our country so that i will increase defence forces to stop the Egyptian View Afterlife, terrorism.

13] I will make education system totally computerised.I will give high education facility here as well as I will give nice salary to educated people so that they wont go to short gothic story, other country. 14] I wont take any kind of tax from View Afterlife, farmers and i will decrease the rate of human being goods. I would like to do many things but in one day I will do this much things. Why r u doing english compulsory.. You do hindi compulsory.. Because hum unhi ???????? ke banaye kanuno ko kyu mane Mera bhart mahAn. English is gothic story, only a professional language not a basic language .English is Egyptian View Essay, only a language of communication for whom unable to understand in Hindi.

If i became a Prime Minister 2 my country. 1. I ll give Telangana bcoz Telangana pepole faces many pblms.Most of the people committs suicides. 2.I ll introduce some pgms for poor people and short, oldage people. 3.I ll meet Shahrukh Khan bcoz i love him very much. 4.I ll give a order 2 hang Kasab ,a terrorist . 5.I ll give a order to remove all corrupted people. 6.I ll encourage all Talented players who didnt get medals and prize money. 7.I ll change present Ministers bcoz they r nt eligible 4 their jobs. I hav less time that means only cultural, one day so i ll do this much only story, because i hav no experience. Thanks 4 giving dis opportunity. if i will become pm of i am not what i am india for one day .i will do following work.

1.India is the greatest resource of india is MAN that i can take care of youth.i will execute some program for them. Education upto ug. 3.Free medicion for certain amount. 4. I will take action for correption. 5. easy provide education Loan. 7.cote the security of politician and short gothic story, celebrities.. 8.I improve the philosophy, economy of village.. 9.I will implement the techology iin ruler area 10.I will take action on prevent the population. If i would become the P.M. of India iwould like to gothic, help my people by:

1)providing free education to poor children and ensure that they go to skool regularly and auteur cinema, i also take care that the gothic, teachers employed are well educated. 2)I will especially encourage the BCS and i am i am, STS to come forward and short, participate in various awreness programes and work for View of the Afterlife, the country so that they can prosper well. 3)I will also ensure that no black money is found and severly punish those who are caught with black money so that the country can prosper at a high rate. However this is Vinesh. BHARGAVA PRIME MINISTER unable to gothic story, do that whatever i can do as poor farmers son.My innovations are for whole world so countrys prime minister post does not matter for me .Prime minister can not use my copyrighted Eco friendly views without my permission e.g house cooling system ,health for all through arjun and amla as regular food suppliment,poverty fully remove through out the world by plantation which provides good life style for poor and unemployed people .Many other my and mine daughters ideas that can certainly give good idea to Prime minister .Certainly i feel much better than Prime minister who never stay a single moment with a corrupt person.Read vinesh bhargava by put this name on goole and read my comments on View of the Afterlife the blog of short Hon cliford .D.Hyra -is it okay to sell innovation before filling patent . Once again what can do if someone get chance for one day to become Prime Minister. 1.Pension system in India for Government servent changed who do job for long time but Ex.M.P/M.L.A why get pension for life time even they once elected .This give big burden to government .This must be stopped. 2.Instead M.P/M.L.A desire based transfer for Government employee follow computerized transfer by which transparency come in View of the Afterlife Essay the the short, public servent.By this system corruption by minister in transfer fully removed. 3.Reservation in boxer terrier government jobs/M.P,M.L.A election only once time not repeateadly and fully removed in short gothic story Judicial/medical/engineering/education departments. 4.Innovation fully controlled by C.S.I.R and C.S.I.R forward matter to matter to concerned organization likewise N.I.F/Ciie/tepp/Biotechnolgy/CRRI which innovator and innovation get proper opporunities and benifit directly goes to nation.All innovations through District Collector forward to C.S.I.R channel adopted . I think these 4 points can be done by one day Prime Minister. Once again Vinesh Bhargava .Prime minister -not at all for a second in present system while i have good opporunity than this.I am thinker,innovator,writer,social worker my all matter protected by international Intelluctual rights COPYRIGHT.Why should i go for one day Prime Minister( my matters for of education, life+50yrs in india,in U.S-life +70yrs,in many countries-life+100yrs.Thanks and request to Intelluctuals pl. Write right for gothic story, whole world .This realy give good path for honest great people . shut up you idiot.mad assenough of speaking..stupid.


SHALL COME AGAINST ME. AND I AM SURE THAT, IF I WERE HAVE TRIED TO IMPLEMENT THE ABOVE AGENDA; DEFINITLY A. MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE. SHALL COME AGAINST ME. Once again i write i certainly implemated my daughters(Avika sharma) idea Compulsary insurance she was submitted Nif ahmedabad on gothic story 27.4.10.In which she discribed that Insurance can be attached with electrical/water/telephone bills.Amount may be percentage of bill amount 1 to 3% minimum or 100 or 200rs.Per bill maximum limit no limit.(This can cover Accident,health and auteur cinema, General Insurance).Through this system all public paying bill can be secured by paying small amount.And i add one point more those people who have not any connection they will be considered in story Below poverty level. Hi,liked Avikas ideas. Sir,ajay singh u r Principal of example Principle.Realy my target to remove poverty and safety of people.Thanx.Vinesh.

Probably this blogs best piece of writing around. As one day prime minister of my country my most important work could be i certainly provide a M.L.A/M.P office in the area head quater from gothic story, where they elected.They during office working hour avilabale at headquater and boxer terrier, during assembly they inform through newspaper that they not avilable in gothic headquater.During office hour they can watch the christian of education, difficulties and grievences of public and short gothic, give direction to government department for solution.If any M.L.A/M.P who become minister additional charge given to the Zilaparmukh or pardan or elected counsellor of that area.On saturday /sunday or after office hour they can visit any where in the area from where they elected.I also try to Egyptian of the, provide them nom A.C government quater also.M.P/M.L.A are elected by public they always be in short story public.Government providing them hight payment/facilities then why they not be in public.Jai Hind. Hi,every one specially indians: i like and support vinesh ideas. If given a chance i would like to trace/educate teachers about how to of the Afterlife, frame d minds of stdnts in short +ve way train them to boxer terrier, b a cause for society We still hear stndts saying- per meri/mere teacher ne ye kaha hai,aur wo sahi hai papa ji/mummy ji :- isnt it . Supbrb.Today i describe in Hinglish-i was in kvs lalgarh S.U.P.W teacher.Some joking Some useful period wasted.Some colleague said ma chati hu ki mera beta bi bara hokar S.U.P.W teacher bana.But Princpal very nice Mr.H.S.Puri.My god kya baat thi-ek din unho na kha Bhargava ma class la raha tha ek baccha kabhi kara(stand)kabhi baith (sit)jata ma(H.S.Puri) dekhta raha .Thori der ma mena pucha kya baat ha.Usna bhar ki taraf isara kar dia.Maina(H.S.Puri)bahar dekha ek fouji khara tha maina(H.S puri)na puccha Yes what u want .He said i am connel.I request to gothic story, u pl.give permission to my son to meet me.Maina (H.S.Puri)na kha sir app dekh raha hai ma 40connel ki class chal rahi hai.Bata do kya chor do.Un connel sir na kaha sorry sir.No doubt teacher always great P.M afterwords(uska baad) I did like nearly everyones ideas of i am not what what could u do being a p.m. for only one day. Hats off dear madams and sirs because whatever u have said indicates that we people are not satisfied with what ever is going on short story in INDIA P.M. not using his absolute power which we the people of Understanding International Level of Analysis Essay HINDUSTAN or BHARAT or INDIA has given to him. A humble request- - Please keep on commenting and short gothic story, give ur ideas to share.

- Make more and more people aware about what and how they can contribute to make this place PEACEFUL and BEATIFUL to auteur cinema, leave. me Ajay jaangu. Where r u people ? Why dont u change 2 change ? i want to become the president of India . Very Nice Imagination. i want to serve my country.

i am from delhi .pitampura. This year report from transperency international again very bad.I if get chance to become one day prime minister i immidiatly provide Toll Free Number to gothic, Central /state minister/Member of parliament/M.L.A where every work complain/suggestions registered and philosophy, action start immidiatly on short gothic story cocerning department. This year report from transperency international again very bad.I if get chance to become one day prime minister i immediately provide Toll Free Number to Central /state minister/Member of parliament/M.L.A where every work complain/suggestions registered and action start immidiatly on cocerning department. RESPCTED VINESH JI, DO YOU THINK; THAT THE MPs OR MLAs ACT PROPERLY ? I THINK, THE IMPROPER ACT OF OUR MPs MLAs CREATS THE PROBLEMs. THEY NEVER SEE THE RIGHT OR THE WRONG ? THEY SEE ONLY THEIR VOTE BANKs. THEY NEVER SEE THE COMMON INTERESTs; THEY SEE ONLY, THEIR OWN INTERESTs.

IF OUR MPs MLAs ACT PROPERLY MOSTLY PROBLEMs MAY BE SOLVED EASILY. U I admire u .U absolutely right but the offer post for me by this blog One day primeminister.So first duty for boxer terrier, me for public representive that is short story, M.P/M.L.A/Ministers.Sir do not worry certainly/ soon good lok pal bill come. In one day1. i try to pass LOK PAL BILL which suggested by Anna Hazara and his team.Public also demanded this.With corruption no value of auteur cinema democracy.2.Amendment also do in Arakshan .I wanted this give facility in to short story, educate .3.Education system super and the situation in government school everyone familar even son/daughter of othello not what head of school not study in their school. I AM A PRIME MINISTER. I immidiatly instruct to short story, railway minister to add one non reservation A.C coach in boxer terrier every long way train.The fare of gothic story this coach is same to A.C coach but non reservation. By this railway get be benifitted and analysis, people also feel some relief. iam your prime minister free education to all. nice thinking you have if i am prime minister of india. I will dismiss to all old age people from politics.

Becz of their corruption gets more and more. ??? ???? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ?? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ??. It was very nice.And I am glad that I got chance to read that. Hi to all, since I am actually keen of reading this blogs post to be updated daily. It contains nice stuff. I am glad to read this view of all. if iam a prime minister i will help poor and gothic, put fullstop for diff bw poor and rich religion caste. All are bro and sis.

my mother India. my dream india 2020. come true when all youth join hands. Got this website reference from christian philosophy of education, MaruGujarat Official website. I want some useful model question paper for the preparation of gothic story tet recruitment. Auteur Cinema! Also I want latest gujarat rozgaar samachar please give link. If I were to short, be made the pm for one day I would first introduce a basic qualification of masters in law for becoming a MP or MLA. Education has the potential to solve all other problems faced by Indians. Since its impossible for me to philosophy of education, eradicate all the short gothic, problems in one day, I would sow the Understanding International Through Level of Analysis Essay, seeds of solutions.. If Ill became PM than Im make education probono publico and mandatory. Bcoz now a days education is most precious cornucopia.

2ed is that Ill try to gothic story, increase our FDI DIIS as well as FII. Then I will ruminate about GDP, GNP, GNH, M1.M5. Also I will get beck our kohinoor , our golden door of somnath and so on and so forth precious inventory. Than I will rate chat down maladies growth. I will provide scholarships to those pupils who gonna make them self in CHICAGO BOYS SO many other things also. If i will be rhe prime minister of india firstly my hand is on education of auteur cinema illiterate person and short gothic story, i will free all the fees that taken to educate the Understanding of Analysis, person . Story! Second problem of our county is terrrorist and on the border i will be in great attention.

Nice lines swati. Dear all I am fine hope yau are fine too. If I pm of Essay India I will help to short gothic, poor people. Dear all I am fine hope yau are fine too. If I pm of Understanding International Relations Level of Analysis India I will help to poor people. Firstly I would stop the rape,corruption ,and stop fear action towards the poor people. Then poor and rich must be treated equally. I to want essay on if I was a prime minister. It is the best time to make some plans for thhe future. and its time to be happy. I have read thhis post and if I could.

I wish to short story, suggest yoou some interesting things or tips. Perhaps you could write next articles referring too this article.